A collection of art jewelry by contemporary artists and designers. Art on your skin...

LE BUISSON was founded by Francis Fichot and Michèle Monory in 2011. 
LE BUISSON proposes to contemporary artists to explore the jewel, just as painting, sculpture, video, performance...
We choose internationnaly well known creators and give them free hand, while supervising every step from conception to the making of the pieces. 
Art is embodied, next to the skin. 
It is the fragment of an adventure, the artist's look worn on yourself. 
LE BUISSON proposes an experiment, a little far away from traditional jewelry. Every jewel expresses at the same time the belonging to an artist's family and the need of freedom. 
It is the expression of a singular story, the one of the artist who imagined it, and the encounter with LE BUISSON, a particular mode of expression, and of freedom. It is also a sensual encounter with the artist, next to the skin, the message of an artist worn as a jewel, a precious object and an unsual experience. 

The project of the artist takes place on your body, leaving to the one who is wearing it the care of sharing it and transmitting the message. It is also the wish to take a fresh look, open, carnal, intimate, deeper or on the contrary lighter, funnier on the world. 

Most of these creations can be worn by a man as well as by a woman, they are miniaturized works of art before being jewels. 

And if you were an animal, a song, a world, a light, a shadow, a return, a happiness, a brightness, a regret, a skin ? 

I would be a jewel LE BUISSON, made of art, gold and silver.